Marzipan-topped mini ”Princess” cream cake, douze points

Mini Princess Cream Cake

Mini Princess Cream Cake, douze point!

It’s fika-time again and it’s about time to write in English (just to fasten up the process a little). The press center in Malmö is huge and chaotically well organized. Journalists will understand, what I mean, the others might find that a bit funny.

There was a big fuzz about taking pictures of the second semi finals, but in the end all went well for us. Discussions about that have cost hours of precious time. Douglas Adams loved deadlines because of the whooshing sound they make when thy fly by. Well, before the second semi final, I heard the whoosh quiet a few times.

But it’s fika-time again and that is one thing that I love here. The organization tries to show a bit what Sweden is about. And one of these things is having coffee with family and / or friends. No coffee without cake or cookie.

Swiss Roll

Swiss Roll

Every day, starting from 2 pm, there are twelve different cakes and cookies and the paper cups for coffee or tea change into beautiful china, to give you the impression of a good old fika. I don’t know whether it’s about today being Saturday or being the day before whitsuntide or just because of the finals, today they have especially good stuff there on their coffee table. Amongst all the raspberry or rhubarb cakes and toffee cookies and whatnot, there were cream and berry Swiss roll and marzipan topped mini ”Princess” cream cakes.

Especially the latter are delicious and get my twelve points. Forget about the music.

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  1. The even lovelier than usual cakes were definitely there for the day of the Grand Final. I think.

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